Shadow Work.

Sounds mysterious and a bit spooky, doesn’t it?

In all actuality, Shadow work is neither of those things. Shadow work is a self-driven process of identifying and exploring your hidden shadow aspects—the parts of our personalities that we reject and repress, whether we do so consciously or unconsciously. At its most basic essence, the shadow is the unknown we harbor within ourselves. Through the process of shadow work, we seek to root out and heal those shadows so we can live better, more fulfilled lives. The method of shadow work that remains nearest and dearest to my heart is through its use with tarot cards.

How do tarot help in shadow work?

Tarot and shadow work go together like peanut butter and jelly. (Or almond butter. Even sun butter. No judgment here.) Using the cards to guide us, we can then dig deep down and find what we have hidden in the soul muck, working through those shadow aspects rather than ignoring them; hoping they get better or go away on their own.

How does tarot work so well in shadow work?


Beats me. It just does. In all seriousness though… It really does. Tarot taps into something. Plain and simple. I tried to elongate that sentence for a good long time and then realized… Nope, that’s the complete thought right there. Tarot reaches into our soul and speaks to us on a level we can’t always explain—and perhaps we shouldn’t strive to.

To learn more about shadow work, please consider downloading my PDF workbook (which can be used with any tarot deck) or the Emerging from Darkness Tarot deck !