Want to delve into shadow work with any Tarot Deck?

You don’t need the Emerging from Darkness tarot to engage in tarot shadow work–this method can be done with any deck—and in the PDF Workbook Edition, you will find all of that information ready for immediate reading. We will discuss the shadow work process, the eight individual shadows we will be exploring, and a sequential series of spreads to help you dive deep into shadow, as well as my thoughts and “tweaked” card definitions, as looked at through the lens of shadow.

This downloadable, printable PDF workbook differs slightly from the printed edition released in tandem with its namesake deck. No card images are included in this version, both to save your printer’s ink and to make it truly useable with any deck you feel called to delve into shadow with; no images will distract you from the imagery your own deck has to share with you.

Formatted workbook style, this 126-page book has room for journaling your thoughts and personal take-aways on each card, as well as full page editions of the tarot spreads with room for jotting down the cards you pulled in your own, unique reading. An extra line-page template is included on the very last page of the document, to be printed as needed for extra journaling room.